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Language and its roots certainly speak of an origin, it expands or contracts, pales or transforms to survive, like everything in culture, without leaving aside the essential, conscious or unconscious, the harmony that persists in everything, the simple that contains the complex and vice versa, undresses before the apparent chaos of the one who takes the reins and without noticing it, rewrites history in giants, and imperceptible ant steps.

Sonidero is a Mexican concept, yes, they play Colombian cumbias and some that are not so much because for them “cumbia” is a single sound, a console, lights, the neighborhood and civil disobedience make the life of the “Cholombiano”, for The same line on the Colombian coast does not lack the sound system in the neighborhood and the champeta at full power, the child comes out, the grandfather comes out and the lady comes out to break the floor in the middle of the street, or in Cali, the luladas: rich and poor people, lulo juice, ghetto, pure salsa and rum, or if we go to the Gaza Strip, Palestinian DJs cross the hard border with Israel to play every weekend in underground nightclubs, each one has its particularity, It is a ritual of pure resistance, identity is given by what is cooked between parishioners, among acquaintances who saw each other grow, because not only does the one who has to toast enjoy, there you live on the edge, on the slopes of the villages This phenomenon is unstoppable, from below the culture that gives salt to the land, refines the ways in which music is given, the folklore of the territory is rethought, life and resistance are celebrated.

That is why Beatz of all Nationz in conjunction with Rediseñandonos Foundation, brings the first Woman Sonidero with all the high vibrations of electronic music from the entire globe to a click of your smartphone in the comfort of your home with the patch itself, this Sonidero brings together the best exponents of Techno, Deep House, Afro, New Wave, Electrofunk, Hip hop, Latin, reggaeton etc, here the cumbiero motif is changed by the no boundaries between genres, we know that the rhythms are as diverse as the races like skins and pansies. This is not about visibility, because little by little the spaces in various disciplines are being taken over by women, as I had said before, this is about resistance, it is about weaving.

During the week of November 16 to 20 each day, BAN will opened portals to music lovers to show its exponents, the funds collected went to the Rediseñandonos Foundation . 

Thus, at the footsteps of ants we walk in Beatz of all Nationz, moving a giant sphere of dreams, proud of the weaving effect, we present the DJs who will put the fire on the track and will be part of this party for the resistance:

Madame Vacile:


From the lands of the Colombian Atlantic, Madame’s African delirium is brewing in the sandy area; She has a spicy style that stands out on stage, almost that you can see a feline gesture in each beat that she dances, in a land of forgotten knowledge she has invoked her ancestors and has given herself to melomaniac exploration as her divine vow towards music that he likes and watched him grow. Madame Vacile, as her humanity overflows with flavor, nor can she deny her African connection, through her machines and her taste for the African sounds of the ghetto, she unites two races separated by history, and puts them to dance on the same track. Pure Africa in zeros and ones coded to make you like a snake.




AYN or Aya Nasif, is a DJ producer and filmmaker from Jordan, to my taste and that of no one but that of good judgment, (or prejudice) I can say that she has the right balance of techno, synthetic sounds, but organic and deep , a continuous beat that accompanies between harmonies of hypnotic and astral synthes, takes us to the track of a tunnel that does not stop its way to a light that from the background becomes more rhythm, becomes irrepressible and then manages to release chaos without stopping aside a minimalism that allows to digest each sound. Sitting at my desk listening to “Lover Hymn remix” after a wine and a joint, I envisioned her commanding a journey of collective ecstasy, bodies abandoning their physical consistency that are soon about to separate into particles of light to expand like space dust. on a track that spirals into infinity.



Malkia calls it “HIPTRONIQ”, because it opts for hip hop, funk, and electronic sounds, with a nostalgia from head to toe, Malkia Kenya, dusts off styles that go from that hip hop of the nineties, remembering that style that is taken the black streets until the 2000s, and gives it its own identity so that these sounds that again emerge from the current avant-garde and have a space within the “DJeing”. Producer, pianist and rapper, she created a style for herself, after entering as an amateur DJ who played for close friends, she became a professional dj, trained in Nairobi, Kenya and currently forms the FEKE (Femme Electronic Kenya), a Women’s Collective Powering New Electronic Music Talents in Kenya – For Women Only.



In the world outside the underground, Mushxxx is known as Minju Lee, a Dj born in Seoul, South Korea, his intentions transcend the rhythmic normality that offers the limits of a marked kick, and a sound that due to its offer as Electronic music, can come to resemble each other without much comparison, Minju however, shows sensitivity to offer a new experience to the ear or whoever expects a little auditory surprise can throw himself into the immersion of MUSHXXX which mimics his final intention with syncopations of jazz, voices from other worlds approaching the tribal or the celestial, without ceasing to be chill, from nu-disco it travels to deep house with ease and already immersed in the sounds of its first sets, anyone can get hooked listening hours and hours.



Of French origin, Joly is an editor, co-creator of the Lunar Eclipse collective and electronic music VJ with a background in film studies. Her work generates sensory experiences for personal interpretation. Through a language that uses geometry, rhythm, the body, accompanied by the superposition of different textures, the use of negative and the handling of filming scenes, they cause chaos, captivating the viewer.

María Türme


Spanish DJ born in Madrid, transcends rhythmic barriers pointing to several genres that are histrionic each in its particularity, in a sensitive way Türme manages to express joy and manages to take us on a journey that goes from reggae, ska, gypsy punk, balkan, electroswing , balkanbeatz and they are even Latino and Cuban. From the frenetic sounds of the music of Eastern Europe, to Africa and Latin America, marks a journey, marks an eclectic musical and spatial stroke clearly, under the selective memory of María Türme, without any doubt, we see an explosion of rhythms that will make anyone set fire to the track like in the best Emir Kusturica movies.



Perhaps one of the best music curators in the world of “DJeing” today, with a great musical knowledge, (as she replies) from Peru to Japan, and Iraq to Angola, her musical spectrum curves in space to para dwell everywhere in absurd omnipresence. From the Spanish new wave, the funk diaspora, the disco music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, the champeta and the old new genres that she adheres to her sets, Tana Jonas displays that knowledge with grace, in the old style of dj’s, reconciling two worlds, analog and digital, tells the story of an overflowing passion for music that underlies the rubble of the past, and as a good treasure hunter, reveals them in the dark light of the track. Like passionfruit (passion fruit), with a bit of sweetness and acidity, anyone who drinks the juice of its music will be soaked in its black flavor.

Kornelia Binicewicz        


An explorer of female music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, music curator and owner of the “Ladies on Records” label, Kornelia, a Polish woman, has focused her work on a deep exploration of the Turkish music catalog, among popular and forgotten people. of his compilation sets that maintain the nostalgia of the turntable and the purity of the beatz that do not alter the original sound of the vinyl. Between gems and rubies, Kornelia brings together in a set, the experience of traveling to the center of the East, Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East in a single journey.

Hello Sasy


The naughty HelloSasy comes with an intense show of perreo and post-apocalyptic flow, with an amalgam of Latin flavors that rises to her waist, this Barcelona woman surprises us with a flash of those that shine on a Sunday by the pool, 8 suns and blood Of summer. She says that she is definitely a Sasy (sassy), an unassuming shameless, nothing more than the modesty clothes are loose on her and the shame she takes off like topless: pure poison that he injects on the track, and pure gasoline so that you let yourself go like head. “Today we are going all the way down so you don’t invent …”. Although the reggaeton discourse is very macho, there is no reason to make trouble, sometimes the music escapes the political and should do it.


Awwz (Aus), is a Catalan with a long history in electronic music with a characteristic chill stamp that precedes her, dares to challenge the perception of an increasingly immersive world of electronic music that reflects on its own limits. Gemma (Awwz) who not only takes heat out of her knobs but also produces, finds in her environments sounds that sound like trip hop and hip hop, a bit of Portishead and a bit of Massive Attack wrapped in waves of contemporary sounds, synthes, lyrics and deep basses that become Trap and Nave at the same time.

VJ Synesthesya

Synesthesya is a VJ from Costa Caribe who has been present on various stages in Colombia, her work is well known because her mothership has landed on various runways and various festivals here and elsewhere, for this tiny electronic pleasure of micros and macros, orbs and rituals that tell us about algorithms, cryptic and binary languages, in this sensory and ethereal experience Synesthesya gives the visual effect to this journey, commands the screens and pixels, opens the windows of perception and is the light of night. It is the Z axis in this infinite plane of electronic nights.

Maria Latina

María Latina is a Colombian living in Spain, is a passionate person who handles a curiosity that leads her to search for new things. It stands out for a world music style that can sometimes be introduced to disco and house in a subtle way. In the last year, she has been experimenting on her radio show ‘Groove Now, Cry Later’ @groovenowcrylater at Radio Relativa @relativaradio Madrid and also at Radio Alhara Palestine @radioalhara, with different musical styles and genres, creating a place to take a look at the past recognizing origins and encountering diverse cultures.

Victoria Sin Fin 

The sonidero woman against attacks with two DJ sets for this weekend. From Buenos Aires – Argentina, Victoria Sin Fin, a young woman guided by Radiohead or Björk, also carries her influences from Daft Punk to Marc Houle. Currently, she is presenting her second album, “Alma pagana”. The work covers various genres of electronics, always diving into a dark, psychedelic and mysterious atmosphere. Set with intense arpeggiated synthesizers and dissonant vocals, this album exudes sound, lyrical and rhythmic experimentation, without losing the ability to make the audience dance in each live set of the artist.

Special thanks to the photographers highlighted on this event, Marta Blue from Italy and Botshelo Mondi from South Africa.

We appreciate the participation of every single person who contributed to this project, we realized that connectivity is reachable once you work for it. We loved to get together female artists from all over the world and we will keep working inspired on this first stage of Sonidero Woman. Beatz Of All Nationz works for connecting hearts through music. 

Take a look to the closing event of Sonidero Woman which tooked place in the city of Bogotá, specifically in Rediseñandonos Foundaation house with the participation of the people who design clothes at this foundation as a way to get out of drugs and such. This showcase of their clothes and the everyday work of the Foundation is thanks to the female leadership of Diamantina Arcoiris. Check out our Youtube Channel to know more about Diamantina, the Sonidero and the whole event. Is imminent the internal leadership of the female cultural promoters in our brand; Laura López, Nataly Sánchez and Anamaría Carmona.

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