Is there a relationship between sound and our environment? Could it be said that music has climatic factors in its depths and we do not contemplate it when we listen to it? What environmental factors are heard and what artists interpret them? I do not know if you have asked yourself these questions before, I do not know what the music is in your region, nor the climate where you live, but I do know that all territories have music and that we could check if they have some kind of relationship with the climate and the environmental behaviors of your region.

We have carried out a research focused on one of the most important natural resources for the development of life, air, to focus our research we concentrated on a climate model that determines a certain behavior around planet earth, this region that shares a dynamic of winds, it is the ITCZ or better known as the Intertropical Convergence Zone, which is the region of the terrestrial globe where the trade winds of the northern hemisphere converge with those of the southern hemisphere. But, how do we relate this wind behavior to music?

It's simple, I made a recognition of some of the instruments whose sound comes from the air, such as the Sousaphone, Surnai, Diple, Khaen, Kena, Pungi, Ocarina, Flute, Sahnai, Algozai, Seipeton, Sheng, Accordion, Cornetto, Saxophone, DungChen , Fiscorno, Chirimía, Tutari, Shakunachi, Nay, Orlo, Zummara, Tuba, Duda, Zampogna, among others. These instruments, in turn, are played in the countries that are covered by the ZCIT, they come from countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Niger, Afghanistan, Nepal, Ecuador, Pakistan, China, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Senegal , Malaysia to name a few. Once the instruments and countries were identified, we went for the artists and their songs!

Have you ever listened to a wind musical list? Say hello to the new world in which only a brand like ours enters. There are so many spheres of knowledge that we have not explored, all we have to do is let our minds fly and dedicate time to our most intense follies.

This list was made for the launch of our short documentary "El León Pardo", the list was published in the Colombian magazine Shock.


Do not worry if you fall into a deep sleep, it is inevitable not to lull in the wind.